General Manager: Regan Gutting

Regan has always lived an active outdoor lifestyle enjoying hiking, rafting and camping. As a single mom, it is important to Regan that she maintains her physical fitness in order to keep up with her young children.


Regan's welcoming personality combined with her professional attitude enables her to help all of our members to the highest standard.


"I have really been focusing on living a healthy lifestyle for a number of years now and I want to share my passion with others around me. Being a part of the 24/7 Get Fit Team enables me to interact with members on a daily basis and achieve this."


Assistant Manager: Amanda Nasworthy
Amanda grew up in Washington state where she played basketball and soccer most of her childhood. After high school, she joined the army reserves and went to school for exercise science. She loves training and is certified through the national academy of sports medicine.t




Trainer: Diana Peralta

Diana Peralta is a Personal Trainer at 24/7 Get Fit with the background and knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology due to her current studies in achieving to become a Certified Nurse Practitioner. Born and raised in Yuma, Arizona; Diana used most of her free time staying physically active by being an all time athlete her whole life.


Diana has taken her passion in helping others to seek the motivation and determination one needs to achieve the results they wish to have. Diana is very organized and time orientated with precise social and ethical thinking skills to help reach one’s ideal goal.



Trainer: Bryan

Bryan Cruz is a Certified Personal Trainer at 24/7 Get Fit while attending college for a degree in Justice Studies. While living in Yuma he was very physically active by playing soccer all his life. He is 19 years old making him our youngest trainer at our facility. He always had a passion for fitness; setting high goals and doing what every it takes to achieve them. Bryan loves to be a part of changing his client’s lives for the better by putting them through a unique self-designed program based off his client’s goals.




Trainer: Anthony

Anthony Abell is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer and is enrolled in follow-up courses ,specifically bodybuilding and nutrition specialist, with ISSA in pursuit of a Master Trainer Certification. He had struggled with his weight at a young age until he started playing sports in middle school. In high school he participated in wrestling, soccer, track, and football. It wasn’t until he started playing football that he found a love for teamwork and physical improvement of one’s body towards a common goal. This inspired him to make physical fitness a priority in his everyday life. At the age of eighteen, Anthony went to the United States Marine Corps recruit training in San Diego. Currently, he has seven years of active duty service. As a Sergeant, he has learned the necessary skills as a professional communicator, leader, and mentor in areas that go beyond fitness. The combination of Anthony’s leadership skills along with his own passion for fitness, has elevated his drive to train people who wish to improve their fitness and their lifestyle.


Instructor: Ramee Damon Williams Sr

Ramee is a professional member, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and proud veteran of the USMC.


Through his work he finds inspiration and his biggest accomplishments are in the testimonies of his clients who have successfully changed their lives and have now found the happiness they deserve.


“The goal of Physical Training is to optimize the way you perform physically. Aesthetics are a by-product of that hard work" - Ramee Williams Sr



Matthew Broemeling

Trainer:  Matthew Broemeling

Matthew Broemeling is a 33 year old personal trainer at 24/7 Get Fit with over 7 years of Personal Training experience. Matthew is ACE certified receiving his certification from Arizona Western College in 2012. Matthew also served 5 years Active Duty as a U. S. Navy Corpsman serving his last 3 years attached with the Marine Corps units at MCAS Yuma. Matthew’s driven approach and passion to help others reach one’s goals go above and beyond expectations.


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