San Luis




General Manager: Manuel Campa
Born in Yuma and raised in San Luis, Manuel understands the importance of customer relations within his community.
A courteous professional, Manuel utilizes his extensive experience to ensure that all Club Members receive the very best service. His experience with people, finance and administration makes him the perfect fit as the San Luis Club Manager.
Manuel loves to watch American football and baseball and has been a keen off-road enthusiast since the age of 4, completing multiple excursions throughout the Sonora desert. 


                                    Rose Felix




Trainer: Rose Felix
Rose Felix is a Personal Trainer at 24/7 Get Fit. Her love towards fitness has driven her to better herself on her career path to becoming a fitness model. Rose has always been into sports. She was introduced to weightlifting through her physical training class experience and hasn't looked back since then. She enjoys power training and doing conditioning exercises. Her goal is to help others achieve their health and wellness desires as well as improve confidence. Rose is currently on track to acquiring her certificate in Dietetics.


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